Just Launched!

Banana Pecan Muffins Mix

Not only are these yummy and perfect with every bite they are so easy to make by adding just a few ingredients!

Perfect for you or your kids!

Yup! these are good for you BUT you won't know it, they are so delicious! 


Our Story

We started our journey in 2015 with the goal to change the way we eat in Pakistan, by eliminating processed foods from products and replacing them with fresh, clean and natural ingredients.


Fitlicious has now become a household name that fuels your mornings and also allows you to snack totally guilt-free. We take great  care in sourcing the finest ingredients from across the globe -  so that every bite and every moment you share with our products is clean, natural and wholesome!

Our products are made from just clean ingredients that are great for your body!

They say diet is 70% of your overall fitness. Fitlicious products are there to complement your fitness goals

Our team works super hard to research on great new ingredients that makes healthy eating full of fun!

Pack some peanut energy

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