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Glowing Green Smoothie bowl

Updated: Jun 3

Are you one of those people who hates routine? you loathe life becoming too mechanical and predictable. That happens with me and my breakfast. After my third consecutive day of a rushed breakfast consisting of gulping down some plain porridge, I know i need to jazz things up.

It was during one of these episodes I discovered this delicious breakfast bowl which combines my love for smoothies and granola. This yummy, creamy and deliciously green smoothie bowl topped with some Fitlicious Granola will add a wonderful crunch to your breakfast. This hearty bowl will jumpstart your morning and energize you for the day! Happy healthy eating!

What you need:

50g Whole grain oats

1 Banana

1 Apple or Pear

1 Kiwi

250ml Milk

Handful of Spinach (thoroughly washed)

Cacao Nibs (optional)


Whizz all the ingredients in a blender.

Top with Fitlicious granola. We would recommend adding in our Cacao Maple Granola for some chocolate goodness. Sprinkle with Cacao nibs if you like.


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